Building Codes can be traced as far back as the Code of Hammurabi (circa 1790 BC) from ancient Babylon, and have evolved over the centuries to encompass techniques, design, materials & more.

Building codes provide minimum standards to safeguard life and limb, health, property, public welfare & property values.

As of 2008, contractors are required by Minnesota law to adhere to the State Building Code.

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To discuss your rights and obligations under the law Contact City Building Inspection Services for more information.
About City Building Inspection Services, LLC  

CBIS was founded by Dan Murphy in 2005 to provide cities in southern Minnesota with contractual building code implementation services and building inspection services.  These services enable city leaders to provide these services to their communities in a fiscally responsible manner while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Today CBIS provides these services to eight municipalities including the Minnesota cities of Claremont, Eagle Lake, Elysian, Janesville, LeSueur, New Richland, St. Clair, and Waseca.  These services are offered to cities in the Minnesota counties of Blue Earth, Dodge, Le Sueur, and Waseca.
With an extensive background in construction, Dan Murphy became a Certified Building Official to continue his service to his community after a 16 year career as an Army Reservist including 3 tours of duty; Germany in support of Kosovo, Operation Desert Storm, and Iraq.

Born and Raised here in southern Minnesota, Dan knows the meaning of hard work, bottom lines and schedules,  & understands that its his job to help homeowners & contractors to meet their goals and those of the building code.

Dan Murphy and his wife Traci      
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